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NordBaltic Incubator'14 timeline:

12th of October:
11:00 am. - opening event of the NordBaltic Incubator’14; Master class with director Audrius Stonys;
13:00 pm. - coffee break;
14:00 pm. - films ideas presentation (pitching);
17:00 pm. – open discussion about Summer Media Studio 2014 films;

13th of October:
11:00 am. – 17:00 pm. – master class with director Arūnas Matelis, directors film screening and analysis;

14th of October:
11:00 am. - locations scouting;
16:00 pm. - producers meeting;
17:00 pm. - director Ričardas Matačius lecture "EDITING"
18:30 pm. - director M. Sargsyan film "Father" screening and analysis (attended by the director);

15th of October:
11:00 am. - locations scouting;
18:00 pm. - director R. Marcinkus film "Final objective "  screening and analysis (attended by the director);

16th of October:
11:00 am. - Master class with director Mantas Kvedaravičius -  "Documentary evidence of reality and fiction in contemporary cinema";
16:00 pm. - Linas Mikuta "Dzūkijos Jautis"

17th -18th -19th -20th of October:
Films shootings;

21st - 22nd  - 23rd  - 24th of October:
Films postproduction - editing;

25th of October:
11:00 am. - films review - consultation with director A. Stonys and director A. Matelis;

25th – 26st – 27th – 28th of October:
Sound postproduction (consultant Ramūnas Jasutis);

29th of  October:
18:00 pm. - NBI’14 closing event – final participants films screening;


Vilnius district, Rukainai parish,
Bareikiškiai village, Senasis Minsko pl. 92
Map how to get to the Incubator >>>
Get off station "Šiaudynė"

Head of a project
Inesa Kurklietytė

Project Coordinator
Evelina Gabulaitė

Technical Specialist
Adomas Jablonskis

Sound production consultant
Ramūnas Jasutis
+370 61 240 612